How to Prepare Your Property for Rent

With the end of the year upon us, we are speaking to our clients about preparing their homes for 2020. For some homeowners it may bring the adventure of renting out their property for the first time, and for experienced investors, potentially preparing their properties for lease as their current tenants vacate. Nonetheless it's important to understand how to properly prepare your property for rent, so you not only start of a new lease agreement confidently but to also maximise your return on investment and minimise the likelihood of significant maintenance occurring later down the track. At About You Real Estate, we work hard to educate our clients on how to prepare their rental properties before they go to market, to ensure we secure great tenants as quickly as possible. We've prepared our GO TO MARKET checklist below for landlords to use to get their properties ready to lease:Look at your property's external and outdoor areas - are they clean, orderly and easy for tena...

FREE Property Appraisals - About You Real Estate

Thinking of Selling or Buying? At About You Real Estate, we regularly carry out obligation and cost FREE Rental Appraisals for our existing and potential landlords.  Rental Appraisals are commonly sought by investors for the purpose of establishing the likely expected leasing price of a property. Learn your property's true market value, get a free property appraisal booked in today. Contact us today!