Smart Energy Savings Tips for Renters - Reducing Your Energy Bills

There are many different ways to reduce your household’s energy use, ranging from simple adjustments to your everyday routine to making home improvements. 

For tenants, there is only so much you can do without being able to make physical changes to the property. 

We commonly see 2 major motives for conserving energies, from saving money on utility bills to doing more to protect the environment. Either way, being energy efficient and energy-smart is a big trend, and we commonly see this more and more with our landlords and tenants! 

We are always looking for ways to improve the rental experience for our clients and tenants, so here are a few easy tips to better conserve energy and save on electricity in your home! 

Top 5 Ways to Be Energy Smart

1. Adjust Your Day-To-Day Behaviours 
Look at all the activities you have in your day, and look at ways you can start reducing your energy usage. From showers to when you have lights on, when you run appliances and how you go about your daily household chores. Finding key areas where you can reduce energy usage will start changing your daily routine and behaviours, and start switching on your energy-smart mindset! 

2. Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances 
When it comes time to moving into your new rental, or if you're washing machine has gone ka-plunk, it's always best to look at buying energy efficient appliances - even if they cost that little bit extra. Not only will you have peace of mind your machines are doing their part to save on energy and water usage, but you'll also see the difference with your energy bills. 

3. Use Less Hot Water 
From washing your clothes in cold cycles, to washing dishes in cold water where appropriate, there are many little ways to save money and also use less hot water in your home! Also keep in mind your shower times (yes we all love a cosy hot shower!) as it's easy to turn that 4 minute warm shower into a sneaky half an hour shower of zen. Keep in mind, it all adds up! 

4. Be Conscious of Unnecessary Lighting Usage
It's easy to leave lights on by accident, or even turn on all the lights without even thinking about it, but try and be conscious of what areas actually require lighting and what don't. By turning off hallway lights, exterior lights and other rooms that aren't in use, you'll be reducing your energy usage and becoming more energy-smart in your daily routines and energy usage. 

5. Opt for Showers Over Regular Baths
Baths take up considerable water, so instead of having multiple baths per week opt for that special end of week moment to splurge on having a bath. Keep your showers to shorter time periods too, and you'll notice a big saving on your hot water and water usage bills! 

Generally speaking, no one likes pulling out their bills from the mailbox. When that bill happens to be a higher-than-expected utility bill, the frustration mounts. Especially if you're actively trying to be more conscious of how you're impacting the environment. 

But, you’re not powerless. By making strategic changes to your daily routines and behaviours, you can lower your bills and make your home more comfortable. 

So give these 5 trending energy-saving tips a go, you'll start seeing a difference in no time!